Based on the board game CONGLOMERATE®

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unleash the tycoon within!®

CORPORATE PIRANHA® is an un-manipulated single-player, strategic digital board game. Its random game mechanics makes each session challenging and fun.

In your drive for financial domination, defining your strategies will assist you to navigate through merciless Corporate Raiders, Bull and Bear markets, Insider Trading, Taxation and the fluctuating values of your company’s stockholdings and investments.

The choices available will put your problem solving skills to the test.

Business and Stock Market knowledge is not required to be able to experience the excitement of CORPORATE PIRANHA®!


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Compete against Investors for your chance to register
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Challenge Winners will be honoured in the
CORPORATE PIRANHA® Legends Hall-of-Fame.



CORPORATE PIRANHA® stock exchange

CORPORATE PIRANHA® is a compelling strategy digital board game designed for two to six Investors.

Being a dice movement game, the random rolls will set the state of play. However, your skill in making the correct choices will improve your chances of winning.

By applying skillful strategy based on probability, Investors endeavour to increase their own stockholdings and capital gain, whilst attempting to decrease that of their
competitors / fellow stockholders.

RISK MANAGEMENT... The CORPORATE PIRANHA® STOCK EXCHANGE will allow Investors to sharpen their skills in risk management, whilst watching their net worth and company shares increase.

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT... by utilising your complimentary Razoos effectively, you will be able to play more games.

Playing CORPORATE PIRANHA® is an enjoyable way to experience the succinct fundamentals of economics and finance.


Increase your net worth with investments. As they become available, watch the market - buy low - and sell at their peak.

CORPORATE PIRANHA® is designed to test your brain when determining your best options.

The game mechanics of CORPORATE PIRANHA® may appeal to students of game theory and economic theory, casual gamers, players of board games, word games, card games, such as solitare and poker, puzzle games, mathematics, zero-sum games and number games like sudoku.

unleash the tycoon within!®